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Tattersall’s Achievement Award

August 7th, 2008


For the first time in its twenty eight year history, two community heroes have shared the 2008 Annual Tattersall’s Award for Enterprise and Achievement.  They were chosen from the twelve monthly winners who were the finalists in this year’s award. 

The judges declared that it was impossible to split the work of Peter Roberts, a Music-Thanatologist who works in and around the Geelong districts, and Ashley Rosshandler, the founder of Karma Currency.

At the age of 46, Peter Roberts decided that his life needed more meaning and what he did next was truly remarkable. Leaving behind a successful furniture business in Geelong, he moved his family to the United States to learn Music in Medicine, known as Music-Thanatology. Music-Thanatology is prescriptive music provided to seriously ill and dying people as well as for their relatives and carers. 

Peter’s work is unique; he is one of a kind. He is currently the only person in Australia practicing Music-Thanatology The live harp music and voice in vigils that Peter provides to dying patients gives them a sense of peace and sanctuary. 

Peter provides his services at no cost to patients and relies on donations and his work as a harp maker.

This win will allow Peter to continue his work with the Institute of Music in Medicine and his plans for training Australian practitioners in Music-Thanatology.

Additional information about Peter Roberts and Music Thanatology can be found at

In 2007, Ashley Rosshandler gave up a successful career in advertising for the higher ideal of working for charity and he founded the not-for-profit Karma Currency. 

Karma Currency is Australia’s first not-for-profit Charity Gift Voucher website which lets people share the gift of giving. 

In an effort to reduce the money spent on unwanted gifts, Ashley created Australia’s first on-line charity gift voucher website. Consumers purchase a charity gift voucher and the recipient can choose to divest the monies into their area of interest or favourite charity such as the homeless, medical research, the environment etc.

Since 2007, over $100K has been donated via the charity gift vouchers. They include projects such as clearing land mines in Cambodia, reuniting war-torn families in Africa, supplying clean drinking water, supplying cutlery to a local soup kitchen and rescuing gorillas in the Congo.

Operating from South Melbourne, Karma Currency now has over 100 recognised charities that prosper as a result of Ashley’s enterprise and achievement.

More information about Karma Currency can be found at

Background Information—Tattersall’s Enterprise & Achievement Award
The Tattersall’s Award for Enterprise and Achievement is a grass roots based program that honours those people in our community who are prepared to work and sacrifice for others and ‘have a go’. 

They can ‘have a go’ by performing heroic acts, helping others in the community or overcoming physical disabilities. Peter Roberts and Ashley Rosshandler are great examples of what this award represents. Two special people with vision, determination and strength to help others less fortunate than themselves.

The monthly award is designed to acknowledge those in the community who are prepared to put others before themselves. Since the Awards’ launch in 1980, over 310 men, women and children have been recognised.

Each monthly winner received $2,500, a trophy and a $15,000 donation to their nominated beneficiary. This year’s annual winners each receive a personal prize of $5,000 and a donation of $25,000 towards their respective nominated beneficiary.

Further Information: Michael Mangos, General Manager. External
Communications 0419 551 980

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