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1999: Graduates from the Chalice of Repose Project School of Music-Thanatology met informally for a retreat organized by Sr. Vivian Ripp and Loraine McCarthy in Eugene, OR. This group became known as the "Oregon 9 of '99". Charter members include: Jeri Howe, Sandy LaForge, Loraine McCarthy, Sue Moore*, Gary Plouff, Sr. Vivian Ripp, Peter Roberts, Judith Shotwell, Beth E. Stuckey, Mary Werner
*Sue Moore withdrew due to other commitments but rejoined the organization later

March, 2000: Maria Parkes, a music-thanatologist residing in Spain, contacted the Oregon 9 about starting a website to be called Music-Thanatology Association International.

May, 2000: The original group of nine music-thanatologists held a three day retreat and it was there that the group resolved to deepen in their commitment to grow and to network. The group chose to form a grass-roots organization with elections, by-laws and a constitution.

June 11th, 2000: With membership slowly expanding, the group formally adopted the name: Music-Thanatology Association International, also known as the MTAI

May 18th, 2002: MTAI held its first conference in Seaside, Oregon. Members discussed and ratified a constitution and by-laws for the MTAI, and officers were elected to the newly formed organization.

May 15th, 2003: MTAI incorporated in the state of Oregon

June 21st, 2003: a "Friend" level of membership was instituted. Members also voted to create a process for certification of professional music-thanatologists.

October 9th, 2004: Members approved a set of Standards of Practice in the field of Music-Thanatology, as well as a system for demonstrating these Competencies that results in certification by the MTAI.

2006: Research initiatives by individual members bore fruit in the form of publications in Australia and at the University of Utah:
Spirituality and Health International
American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine

March, 2007: A new logo was adopted for the organization (visible at the top of this page).

August, 2007: A third level of membership was created to make a place for Students in the organization.

May, 2008: The Standards and Competencies were revised significantly to reflect expanded training opportunities within the field.

Summer, 2008: A major redesign of the website was completed. Call for submissions goes out for the inaugural issue of the Journal of the Music-Thanatology Association International.

October, 2010: Adopted a Code of Ethics.

October, 2014: Revised the Code of Ethics and modified the levels of membership to have Full Members, Friends, and Associates.

October 2015: Voted to Amend and Restate the Articles of Incorporation.

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