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The Music-Thanatology Association International (MTAI) is a professional association and certifying body for the field of music-thanatology. We established the field's standards in 2004, along with an accessible and objective process for qualified applicants to demonstrate competency in those standards. The MTAI provides continuing education and professional networking opportunities for music-thanatologists, and strives in all its dealings to be open, fair, and inclusive while doing our utmost to maintain and foster deep integrity within the field. Our membership is made up of professional music-thanatologists, students, and friends/supporters.

We look forward to continued growth in our membership during this exciting time, and we warmly invite you to contact us for more information about music-thanatology!
~Tony Pederson, CM-Th,
President of the MTAI
Created: July 31, 2010     Last updated: October 30, 2013